Monday, May 2, 2011

WWPPBB2 Concludes !! Pop Pop is the star!!!

I am a member of a steam forum - The Mamod and Other Steam Forum Check them out !! The friendliest bunch on the web- I promise!!
 The Mamod and Other Steam Forum

For the second year I have had the privilege of  hosting a Spring event to foster steam boats by holding a boat building contest. A Pop Pop Boat Building contest! This year 12 boats were entered by members from 7 countries. There were two classes - Classic and Open...

Please take a moment and visit the thread where the entries were submitted WWPPBB2 Entries  Prizes and awards to be named May 8 2011. Thanks to all that participated!!

Here are a couple of the fine entries submitted for you to enjoy. 

This one from Australia

 This one from the US

And this one by a fellow from  Estonia

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